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MALIK'S Hydraulic Power pack units are designed and manufactured according to individual requirement. The power pack unit constitutes heart of any hydraulically operated and controlled machinery viz. Plastic Moulding machinery, Presses, various machine tools and many more. These are designed to control one or more actuator and can be operated manually or automatically. In the latter type, solenoid operated control valves are used controlled by suitable electronic/electric control panel. The drive motor for the pump(s) is commonly flange mounted on top of the oil tank with the pump(s) coupled through a bell housing immersed into the oil tank for maximum protection and silent operation.

Power packs are designed to handle continous pressure of 450 bars and flow rates upto 125 LPM.

We manufacture HYPRESS series Hydraulic presses for down stroke or up-stroke operation, in capacities from 30 tons to 300 tons. Above this capacity presses are made as per requirement. The construction is fabricated Frame-type using standard steel sections, or column type employing high capacity tie-bars. In both types, the two platens are precisely machined, ground and slide in precision guides for utmost parallelism. These presses employ our own designed and manufactured highly-efficient hydraulic power pack units.

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