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We manufacture Twin screw Extruders (MEGA series) in screw diameters from 25mm to 75mm, in both co-rotation and counter-rotation versions to suit range of processing tasks:
  • PVC Compounding, alloying and mixing of polymers. Masterbatches.
  • Manufacture of powder coating compounds.
  • UPVC conduits, pipe and profiles.
  • PE, PS foam sheet and blocks. .
  • Thick sheet from ABS, PE, PP, HIPS, PS, etc.

MEGA series Twin screw Extruders are carefully designed and manufactured to maintain high throughputs with mimimum downtime. Especially, we have modified and developed our own helical gear boxes which now employ special purpose bearing stack with automatic lubrication. The present design ensures least maintainence and high thrust load bearing capacity even at higher screw speeds, without sacrificing productivity.

Screw segments are individually assembled onto central shaft and the design permits flexibility in processing. The profiles are computer generated, simulated and manufactured for precise intermeshing and assemblies. The screw and barrel segments are hardened and ground for wear resistance. Co-rotating screws are self wiping and can be eassily cleaned for material and color changes.

MALIK’S also make Twin screw Extruders for Food Processing Industries. TSE in Food industries are mainly used in processing breakfast cereals, candy, confectionery, modified starch, extruded pellets for 3rd Generation Snacks, baked & expanded snacks, Pasta, Etc. These are also applied in manufacture of Precooked flours, SDAP (Soy Dal Analogue Product), for producing fortified Rice or whole Rice from broken Rice grains, etc. Twin screw Extruders are also employed in the production of Pet/Aqua pellets.

Our Lab Extruder for food also is immensely popular and is used for Research and Laboratory trial, testing of recipes, small production, training, etc.

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