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HOT FEED EXTRUDER in screw sizes of 50, 65, 75, 100, 150, 200mm suitable for processing warm rubber to produce hoses, tubing, profiles & sections, tire treads, cables, etc.

MALIK'S manufacture Single Screw Hot Feed Extruder for warm rubber strips. The screw configuration is specially designed with multi start threads and is hollow bored to control the temperature. The screw is manufactured from special steel and hardened for long life. The cylinder is press fitted with hardened liner and is jacketed for temperature control. All the flow channels including the die have smooth finish for easier cleaning and the controlled shear minimizes the risk of "scorching" of rubber.For extruding Silicon rubber, the machine is equipped with modified screw suitable for processing heat/shear sensitive silicone.

Cold Feed Extruders which employ raw rubber materials are more adapted for producing precision rubber goods, since they have ability to provide increased shear on the raw rubber thus providing uniform and adequeate mixing of the raw materials before extruding out through the die opening. Hot feed Extruders rarely employed L/D Ratio greater than 5/1 (4.5/1 being common) whereas cold feed extruders commonly employ L/D of typical 16/1- the longer screw permitting better mixing with the aide of TCU (Temperature Control Unit) provided for the Barrel through fluid heating/cooling medium.

DISPERSION KNEADER in 10, 35, 55 liters capacities,suitable for producing RUBBER COMPOUNDS.
The Rotors are counter rotating and rotate at differential speed and have special helical blades with hardened edges for long life. Both the mixing chamber and rotors are temperature controlled. Dumping is by automatic tilting of the chamber by suitable motorized gear unit.

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